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CH369T Spring 2010 Final report format (Project 1) The final report on each project is intended as a communication of the procedures developed, lessons learned, etc. during the project, as well as a documentation of the results. It should be written in a clear, concise format such that someone could use it at a later time as a guide to reproduce the work that has been done. These items should be included: Culturing information Culture ID/type (host/vector/gene, e.g. E. coli /pET/Rt-His6 10/00) Media type Volumes and concentrations used Growth curve
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Unformatted text preview: Duration of induction Purification Purification protocol (particularly deviations from standard procedure) Materials, reagents, etc. used Chromatograms (include injection volume) if applicable Product documentation Activity assay (units/ml and total units in final product w/ storage buffer) Purity assay (PAGE gel) Protein assay (Bradford or A 280 ) Batch ID (e.g. RT-F09-A) Lessons learned Any comments or accumulated wisdom (about the project) that you wish to pass down References to standard procedures or literature...
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