BIO320_HW5_2010 - Name _ ___ BIO320 HW-5 (15 points) Due...

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Unformatted text preview: Name _ ___ BIO320 HW-5 (15 points) Due Thursday, March 23 rd , 2010 Cytoskeleton Problem 1. Microtubules are made by 13 protofilaments arranged in an imperfect helix as shown in Figure 2. This means that the side-to-side interactions between the first and the thirteenth protofilaments are different than all other protofilament pairs. Notice that from one protofilament to the next there is a small stagger. Given the dimensions of the microtubule and the number of protofilaments, calculate the amount of stagger between each adjacent protofilaments. Explain in detail your reasoning. Problem 2. Figure 1 shows the equilibrium distribution of actin in free subunits (monomers) and in filaments, as a function of actin concentration. Notice that the Y-axis measures “mass”, the net amount of actin in monomers or filaments. a) b) The monomer curve starts at zero for apparent reasons; zero mass and zero [actin] correspond to zero monomers. As the [actin] increases monomer assembly is initiated; subunits assemble to zero monomers....
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BIO320_HW5_2010 - Name _ ___ BIO320 HW-5 (15 points) Due...

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