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City of Smithville Governmental Activities, Government-Wide Level Pre-Closing Trial Balance For year 2011 Debits Credits Cash $723,727 Taxes Receivable - Delinquent 312,298 Estimated Uncollectible Delinquent Taxes $52,379 Interest and Penalties Receivable on Taxes 33,263 Estimated Uncollectible Interest and Penalties 13,500 Due From State Government 135,000 Interest Receivable on Investments 1,250 Internal Receivables from Business-Type Activities 10,000 Investments 500,000 Land 5,180,000 Infrastructure 11,673,615 Accumulated Depreciation - Infrastructure 2,694,220 Buildings 6,296,000 Accumulated Depreciation - Buildings 1,740,000 Equipment 3,552,200 Accumulated Depreciation - Equipment 1,694,900 Vouchers Payable 324,263 Due to Federal Government 133,730 Due to State Government 30,200 Accrued Interest Payable on Long-term Debt 37,500 Internal Payables to Business-Type Activities 5,300 5% Deferred Serial Bonds Payable 1,500,000 Premium on 5% Deferred Serial Bonds Payable 28,475 Net Assets - Invested in Capital Assets, Net of Related Debt
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pre-closinggovermental1.xls - City of Smithville...

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