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City of Smithville Solid Waste Disposal Fund Pre-Closing Trial Balance For year 2011 Debits Credits Cash $271,300 Customer Accounts Receivable 180,900 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts $13,450 Due from Other Funds 5,300 Inventories 3,400 Land 500,000 Buildings 1,375,000 Accumulated Depreciation - Buildings 659,375 Equipment 1,117,000 Accumulated Depreciation - Equipment 629,700 Vouchers Payable 37,700 Due to Other Funds 10,000 Accrued Payroll and Fringe Benefits 55,600 Accrued Interest Payable 1,890 Accrued Liability-Est. Closure/Post Closure Costs
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Unformatted text preview: 270,000 Revenue Anticipation Notes - Current 45,000 Revenue Anticipation Notes - Long Term 45,000 Net Assets - Invested in Capital Assets, Net of related Debt 1,574,000 Net Assets - Unrestricted 82,300 Charges for Services 1,890,800 Payroll and Fringe Benefits Expense 981,000 Materials and Supplies Expense 655,400 Depreciation Expense 121,075 Provision for Closure and Postclosure costs 100,000 Provision for Doubtful Accounts 2,550 Interest Expense 1,890 Totals for all accounts $5,314,815 $5,314,815...
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