Lecture 3

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Unformatted text preview: DNA Replication an overview 1 Last Time DNA is the genetic material Components Forces holding strands together (3) Higher order structure 2 DNA Replication an overview General features of DNA replication: DNA is replicated semi-conservatively The origin of replication is non-random Replication is bi-directional Mechanics of replication DNA polymerases synthesize DNA Leading and Lagging strands, initiated by a primer DNA ligases join strands 3 Overview General features of DNA replication Basic mechanics of replication http://www.itg.uiuc.edu/technology/atlas/structures/nucleus_actin/images/nucleus_actin.jpg homepage.mac.com/enognog/cell%20cycle.jpg 4 How is DNA replicated? 5 Three hypothetical models 1. 2. 3. Fig. 20.1 6 1958 Classic experiment to distinguish between 3 replication models Matthew Meselson Franklin Stahl “the most beautiful experiment in biology” 7 Conservative HH Expected results shift HH HH LL LL HH second generation Semiconservative Expected results shift HH HH HL HL LH LH LL LL H L LL H L Dispersive HH Expected results HH shift mixed mixed HL all mixed HL Figure 20.3 8 DNA replication i...
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