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Study Sheet Test 3 - Intelligence The Origins of...

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Intelligence – The Origins of Intelligence Testing - Binet: Predicting School Achievement Measured intelligence by by measuring each child’s mental age, or the level of performance typically associated with a certain chronological age. So a normal nine year old has a mental age of 9. But a dull or slow 9 year old has a mental age of 7. - Terman: The Innate IQ Stanford professor adjusted Binet’s test to the Stanford-Binet. This became the intelligence quotient or IQ. IQ is = (mental age)/(chronological age) * 100. This becomes diff. with adults so now days we compare the IQ relative to the average performance. - WAIS This is the most widely used intelligence test. Contains verbal and nonverbal subtests. Class only: Creativity and Intelligence, the Terman study Genetic and Environmental Influences on Intelligence -- know the genetic influences Heritability – the proportion of variation among individuals that we can attribute to genes. I.e two boys raised in a barrel will have 100% heriditerary difference. Differences- (class information) Racial groups differ in their average scores on intelligence tests. A class only --myths about intelligence, cultural bias Chapter 12: Personality The Psychoanalytic Perspective id (pleasure principle, sex and aggression), pleasure principle ego – reality principle. It’s a mediator btw the super ego and id, allows us to live in society superego – our conscious, gives us guilt oral stage – 0 -18 months. Pleasure center on the mouth anal stage -18-36 months. Pleasure focuses on bowel and bladder elimination, coping w/ demands for control phallic stage – 3-6 years. Coping w/ incestuous sexual feelings latency- 6 to puberty genital stage – puberty on. Maturation of sexual interests. , Oedipus complex – son falls in love with his mother, afraid of being castrated by the father Fixation – when your libido/sexual energy gets stuck in a stage.
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Repression – basic defense mechanism that banishes anxiety arousing thoughts, feelings, and memories from consciousness Reaction formation – the ego unconsciously makes unacceptable impulses look like their opposites Class only Electra Complex – girl wants to have a penis because they think they got it removed, so they fall in love with their father, become more like mother Denial – think Monty Python. Diff. btw denial and projection. sublimation – satisfy your id but in a way that is approved by society 10/28/08 Sigmund Freud 1900 –formulated idea of unconscious Born 1856 Father was window-er, remarried His mother geared him to “change the world” Fluent in many languages His problems: ppl expected him to do something. He was jewish and jews were held down, couldn’t go into research. He first started studying squid exons. Well schooled in neurology. He fell back to medicine. Started doing medical research. He came to the idea of cocain. He writes a paper saying cocain’s the new thing, but he retracted the paper.
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Study Sheet Test 3 - Intelligence The Origins of...

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