Finals3 - MT#3 Thursday ni ght Part I Multiple Choice...

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1 Part I: Multiple Choice, Concepts (5 points each) Select the best answer and enter your choice on the cover sheet – No partial credit 1. What is total number of valence electrons on nitrate (NO 3 - )? a. 32 b. 24 c. 25 d. 26 e. 14 2. For VSEPR theory which of the following is FALSE? a. The lone pairs have no effect on the shape of the compound. b. The lone pairs repel more than the bond pairs. c. The lone pairs and ligands (atoms or molecules around the central atom) arrange in space so as to be as far away from each other as possible. d. For molecules with an electronic geometry of trigonal bipyramidal the lone pairs, if any, are found in the equatorial positions. e. If you have only one lone pair of electrons on the central atom the molecule is always polar. 3. The best reason for never expanding the octet on C,N,O and F is that: a. they all are very electronegative. b. they are very small molecules c. they don't need any more electrons around them. d. there are no 2d orbitals to use to expand the octet e. you want to get lots of points on the test 4. The correct shape of SH 3 + is: a. trigonal planar b. seesaw c. trigonal pyramidal d. T-shaped e. square bipyramidal 5. The hybridization on the central atom in SeF 4 is: a. sp 2 b. sp 3 c. sp 3 d d. sp 3
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Finals3 - MT#3 Thursday ni ght Part I Multiple Choice...

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