SAS-Midterm 3 review

SAS-Midterm 3 review - -Lecture 19FOW Anthrobotrys...

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FOW: Anthrobotrys dactyloids Makes hyphal loops Hyphal loops grab nematodes Hyphal loops: Hyphae grows out, then goes on itself Swells because of moisture on nematode Eats nematode from inside out A. Flavus: Aflatoxin No color, odor, or taste Toxic to liver Suppresses immune system Can cause cancer Human Aflatoxin poisoning: Africans got Jaundice(affects liver) All ate A. flavus contaminated corn Why Aflatoxins are greater in poor countries: Inadequate storage facilities o Stored grains cannot be kept dry o Fungal growth cannot be prevented Few alternative foods Aflatoxin toxicity: Chronic toxicity(low dose, long time): o Epidemiological evidence: o Liver cancer correlated with exposure to aflotoxins Aflatoxin Laws: Milk has a .5 ppb allowable presence because babies drink it EU has lower limits than US o Africans lose money Management of Aflatoxins:
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SAS-Midterm 3 review - -Lecture 19FOW Anthrobotrys...

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