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SAS 30 Fall 2009 First midterm exam 10/16/09 NAME______________________________ 1. What is the difference between a hypothesis and a theory? (5 points) Hypothesis = statement of expectations, an idea to be tested Theory = a concise explanation based on multiple facts collected over a long period of time, has predictive value, a hypothesis that has matured 3 points for one of the two being correct 2. It is not always possible to fully apply the scientific method to studies of problems affecting human health. Describe one approach that is commonly used to help establish the cause of illness (such as food poisoning) in people. (5 points) Epidemiological evidence – determine what victims had in common Animal surrogate studies – using animals instead of people for experiments Either one of the above or some description that corresponds to one of them 3. Fungi are assigned to their own kingdom but they are in some respects similar to plants and in some ways are similar to animals. Name one characteristic that fungi share with plants and one that they share with animals. (5 points) Plants = cell walls, lack of motility Animals = heterotrophic 3 points for one correct
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4. A principal function of hyphae is the acquisition of nutrients and this occurs near the hyphal tip. Describe what is involved in this process. (5 points) The hyphal tip secretes enzymes that digest large molecules, the products of digestion are absorbed near the tip 5. Would you expect fungi relying on wind dispersal to produce larger or smaller quantities of spores than fungi that are dispersed by attachment to insects and why? (6 points) Fungi relying on wind dispersal would produce more spores because the odds of a spore landing on a substrate where it could grow are very low. In contrasts, spores attached to
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first_midterm_10_16_09_key-1 - SAS 30 Fall 2009 First...

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