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Review questions for second midterm 1. Psilocin is the active ingredient in the Psilocybe mushroom - what is the basis for the hallucinogenic effects of psilocin? 2. Button mushrooms and oyster mushrooms are both popular edibles. When these fungi are produced in culture, what are they grown on? 3. What is the difference between a button mushroom and a Portobello? 4. What important nutrients vitamins can be obtained from eating mushrooms? 5. What is Quorn? 6. What is the relationship between vitamin D and ergosterol? 7. The potato became a staple crop in N. Europe – why was it preferred to rye? 8. What combination of circumstances allowed late blight to be so severe in 1845? 9. What were some significant social consequences of the Irish potato famine? 10. What are Koch’s postulates? 11. In what ways can human activities make plant diseases more of a problem? 12. Why did rubber production fail in Brazil but succeed in Malaysia? 13. Why is yeast important in beer making?
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Unformatted text preview: 14. What are the main differences between brewing and wine-making? 15. How can fungi be involved in the making of late harvest wine? 16. If you wanted to use an enzyme (protease) to improve the yield of protein obtained from milk for making cheese but you did not want to kill a calf to get this enzyme, what other options would be available to you? 17. What is fungal-ripened cheese and how is it made? 18. In what ways could ergot poisoning have influenced important historical events? 19. Why is ergot poisoning not a problem today? 20. What beneficial compounds have been obtained from ergot and how are they used? 21. What are sclerotia and how do they play a role in the life cycle of the ergot fungus? 22. What can be done to prevent post-harvest diseases caused by fungi? 23. How were aflatoxins discovered? 24. What therapeutic uses of LSD were tested and which ones showed the most promise?...
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