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SAS 30 Second midterm Name _________________________ 11/09/09 ID # _________________________ 1. Why does exposure to light increase the nutritional value of mushrooms? (3 points) Vitamin D 2. Yeasts carry-out an anaerobic fermentation (i.e., in the absence of oxygen) that results in the formation of two important products. What are they? (4 points) Alcohol and carbon dioxide 2 points for each 1 point for ‘wine and beer’ 3. In the malting process, starch found in barley endosperm is converted into maltose. Why is that an important part of making beer? (3 points) Full credit: Maltose can be utilized by yeast whereas starch cannot 2 points for adds flavor or sweetness or color 4. Botrytis infects grapes and can cause them to rot. Describe two different ways that grape growers can deal with this problem (4 points) Fungicides, making late harvest wine or disposal 3 points for one of the above, 4 points for two /14
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5. How does growth of Penicillium roquefortii in an internally-ripened cheese influence the character of the final product? (5 points) Full credit: Fungus secretes enzymes: Protease softens cheese Fat degrading enzymes add peppery flavor (or aroma) Blue color OK if enzymes are not mentioned; i.e, softens cheese, adds flavor, color 4 points for two of the three 2 points for one 6. What evidence supports a role for ergotism in the Salem witch trials? (4 points) Full credit for: Symptoms similar in alleged victims to those caused by ergotsim or: Rye was grown in New England and it was a wet year, which promoted ergot infection 7. What part of the rye plant becomes infected by the ergot fungus? (2 points) Full credit for any of the following: flower, grain, seed or ovary 8. What measures are used today to prevent ergot from affecting a rye crop? (4 points) Full credit for any three of the following:
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second_midterm_11_09_09_key - SAS 30 Second midterm Name ID...

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