chapter 8

chapter 8 - Movie: president is surrounded by a lot of...

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Unformatted text preview: Movie: president is surrounded by a lot of people Trial balloon-they flow out an idea from an anon- if the ppl like what they hear they will do it, if not they will not Media: press secretary was not let in. prez called media guy and told him to hold the news release WOD: Federal communications commission(FCC): -Independent agency charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, TV, wire, satellite, and cable.-in 2004, changed policy to fin e broadcasters up to 325k every time fleeting expletives are allowed on the air.-FCC v. Fox Television Stations Share- Nicole Richie- -went to supreme court, supreme court said its okay-5-4 decision -illustrates the complex relationship between agencies, courts, congress, and the public Chapter 8: Bureaucracy (from The Logic of American Politics ) A bureaucracy is: A diverse collection of departments, agencies, bureaus, commissions, and other units of the executive branch that carry out national policies. Roots in the Constitution: Authorizes Congress to make laws and the president to see that they are faithfully executed. Presidents delegate to agents.ex FCC The development of the federal bureaucracy: Questions of administration received little attention at the Constitutional Convention. The Constitution said little about how the executive would be organized. Congress was wary of delegating too much power to the executive but realized the impracticality of delegating too little. Established three departments: Treasury. Foreign Affairs (renamed State). War. Congress also authorized the hiring of an attorney general to give the president and department heads legal advice. Appointed individuals to head them up. Gave president shared power to appoint but sole power to remove. Congress: dilemma of delegation .*(agency loss) Solution: power of the purse. President: dilemma of delegation. Solution: selection criteria; punishments for agency loss and rewards for jobs well done.-Democratization and bureacurization of the civil service- Andrew Jackson. Spoils system. Advocated rotation in office. Led to its bureaucratization. Solution to problems of coordination and delegation. Corruption. ( under spoils system) Incompetence. (under spoils system) Whiskey Ring.- whisky companies evaded taxes with help of officials Garfields assassination .-killed by a civil servant who didnt get a specific appointment Pendleton Act of 1883. got us away from the spoils system-Bureaaucratic Problems of a diffeent sort- Career civil service led to its own agency problems:...
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chapter 8 - Movie: president is surrounded by a lot of...

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