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Political Science Short Answers - Political Science Study...

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Political Science Study Guide SHORT ESSAY QUESTIONS 1. Why do members of Congress worry about reelection when incumbents are so consistently successful at winning another term? Why do incumbents work so hard to appear invulnerable? Incumbents win elections because they work hard at it, and they do that because so much of their electoral fate is in their own hands. One way they work hard is to discourage their potential opponents. Incumbents are rarely challenged if the opponent sees no chance of winning. Those who win easy reelection, do so by making themselves making themselves seem invincible, so that no qualified voter will challenge them. Even with that image, there are unexpected events that cause Congress to be concerned about their jobs, such as the House bank scandal of 1992. Incumbency advantage doesn’t accumulate automatically to the officeholders, and it stems from diligent use of the many resources that come with holding office. Congress worries about reelection because an easy victory against a weak opposition in one election carries no guarantee of success against a talented and well-financed challenger in the next 2. Why does the House have stricter rules and greater leadership control than does the Senate? How do these differences affect the day-to-day operation of the chambers? House has stricter rules than the Senate because they are larger. The Senate has a smaller size, thereby allowing them to get by without many procedural limitations.
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Political Science Short Answers - Political Science Study...

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