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Political Science Study Guide Chapter 6 Congress Conditional Party Government- The authority delegated to and used by congressional leaders is conditioned by the extent of election driven ideological consensus among its members. Conditional party government is important because it can lead to agency loss if the party leaders do not satisfy Congress Gerrymandering- Drawing legislative districts in a way that gives one political party greater power/vote. Gerrymandering is important because it gives an unfair advantage to the incumbent and his party, pretty much guaranteeing re-election. The only way a new party would be able to win is if the incumbent messes up real bad. Necessary and Proper Clause- Grants Congress the authority to make all laws that are “necessary and proper” and to execute those laws. Necessary and proper clauses are important because if allowed/left the door open for major expansion of congress’s power and the nationalization of public policy during the twentieth century. Closed Rule- An order from the House Rules Committee limiting floor debate on a particular bill and disallowing or limiting amendments. Closed rules are important because it helps keep unwanted amendments off of the agenda, it also helps solve the majority’s prisoner’s dilemma Conference Committee- A temporary Committee appointed to resolve differences between the House and senate versions of bills. Conference committees are important because without them it would be difficult for congress to pass any type of legislation and it also gives a means in which the House and the senate can deal with each other, it is also a type of delegation.
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Filibuster- When individuals hold the senate floor making endless speeches so that no action can be taken on a bill and the majority leaves. Filibuster is important because it is a tool that small groups can use to deter a piece of legislation from being passed, this prevent the majority from being able to over power the minority. Proportional Representation- An electoral system in which a party receives legislative seats in proportion to its share of votes. Proportional representation is important because this system helps to preserve smaller parties because votes for heir candidates are or wasted, unlike the American version of winner takes all. Rider- An amendment to a bill that is not related to the legislation. Rider is important because it can prevent unrelated earmarks or pork to a piece of legislation being amended. Unanimous Consent Agreement- A unanimous resolution in the senate restricting debate and limiting amendments to bills on the floor. It is important because without it there is no limit on how long senators can talk or on how many amendments they can offer. It also shows how the capacity of party leaders to lead depends on the willingness of party members to follow. Presidential Coattails-
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Political Science Key terms - Political Science Study Guide...

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