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BMS Poster Critique - Jordan Gales BMS H220.02 Research Day...

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Jordan Gales BMS H220.02 Research Day Poster Critique After visiting numerous posters and discussing their contents with the principal investigators I came across my favorite poster. Clinical Treatment Evaluation of Head and Neck Cancer Treated by Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy was the title of the poster I found to be the most readily understood and intriguing. The principal researchers of the project were James Martin Bsc. and Hualin Zhang PhD. The research presented by the poster was conducted in the department of Radiation Medicine at the Ohio State University. This particular study focused on a relatively new method of radiation therapy called Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy. Intensity modulated radiotherapy utilizes numerous small beams or beamlets of radiation rather than using a small number of open fields of radiation. The benefit to using many small beams over open fields is that open fields unselectively destroy all tissues in their path, while beamlets are small enough to avoid excessive damage to surrounding noncancerous tissue. In Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy each beamlet is designed to deliver a prescribed dosage of radiation to a particular section of a tumor. This ability of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy makes it ideal for treating irregular shaped tumors and tumors lying close to important bodily structures. Although it seems this treatment would be vastly effective in theory, many patients still experience complications. Many patients treated with intensity modulated radiation therapy experience tumor regrowth and damage to surrounding normal tissue just like patients treated with open field
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BMS Poster Critique - Jordan Gales BMS H220.02 Research Day...

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