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Psych Test 3 Here are some review questions for the tests (including some of the questions I read in class): 1) ___ problems are those for which there is no clear, readily available path to the solution. 2) ___ are informal, intuitive strategies for solving problems, which work some of the time. 3) ___ is the phenomenon in which we persist in trying to solve a problem in one way, when a simpler solution is possible. 4) This property of language refers to the fact that words bear no resemblance to what they refer to. 5) The smallest semantically meaningful unit in a language is a ___. 6) A person is using the ___ when he or she makes judgements based on how easily instances of some event come to mind.
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Unformatted text preview: 7) Vygotsky proposed the idea of a ___ in development--the range of ability between a child's existing potential and the child's actual developed ability. 8) The notion of ___ in Piaget's theory refers to the observation that children have difficulty seeing the world from others' perspectives. 9) At about what age does an infant develop object permanence? 10) At about what age can a child (according to Piaget) recognize that two quantities remain the same, despite transformations on them that may change their appearance? 11) What psychologist proposed the theory of deliberate practice to account for acquisition of expert performance?...
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