BMS Summer Showcase 2009

BMS Summer Showcase 2009 - (Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer...

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Summer Internship at the Cleveland Clinic Women’s Health Institute Administrator – Pat Rodenberger Spent Four Days a week working on Administrative Duties- Some Activities were: Created an OR Utilization Project to support request for increase in OR time Scheduled. Compiled Data to Make Case for hiring of a new physician Organized Patient Experience Focus Group Shadowed the physician recruitment process (Children’s Hospital) Took part on nursing scholarship committee Helped on Patient Discharge Committee (Cardiology) Helped update Patient lists for follow up appointments Helped office transition to new patient records system Helped Organize Continuing Medical Education Conference
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Unformatted text preview: (Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Summit) • Shadowed Breast surgeon Fellow recruitment • Helped Organized Women’s Health workshops • Volunteered to help put together Breast Cancer Survivorship Program • Helped organize Materials For Application For Breast Center Accreditation Spent One Day A week Physician Shadowing Shadowed in center for minimally invasive surgery Took out heart valve using Intuitive DaVinci system (same as when Obama visited Us) Operated Endoscopic simulators and surgical simulators that med students and residents use. Watched new surgeries be developed!...
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  • Helped organize Materials, Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Summit, appointments Helped office, Breast Center Accreditation, Focus Group Shadowed

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BMS Summer Showcase 2009 - (Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer...

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