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Business report memo - sedation dentistry to work with...

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January 2010 Dr. Milan Yakovich DDS 5851 Pearl Rd Ste 100 Cleveland, OH 44130 440-885-0038 Cassie Patterson English 304 Instructor The Ohio State University Columbus, OH 43201 Dear Ms. Patterson: My selection for the business report is Milan Yakovich DDS INC. Dr. Yakovich owns a general dentistry practice in Cleveland, Ohio. His scope of practice ranges from pediatric dentistry, to implant and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Yakovich has advanced training in all areas of dentistry and rarely has a case he needs to refer to a specialist. I have chosen Dr. Yakovich’s practice in particular, as its structure is similar to the type of practice I hope to run in the future. After completing my dual degree program in dentistry and oral biology, I hope to obtain an associate position with a practice such as Dr. Yakovich’s. Dr. Yakovich’s practice is broad in scope allowing him to practice many fields of dentistry. Dr. Yakovich sees patients as young as three years old and also utilizes
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Unformatted text preview: sedation dentistry to work with special needs patients. Dr. Yakovich has built his practice to the point where he can no longer accept new patients, but is now tailoring his practice to have a greater focus on oral surgery and implant dentistry. Dr. Yakovich’s goal is to allow his associate dentist to handle the more routine cases as he focuses on more complex ones. In researching this business multiple sources of information were used. A site visit was conducted prior to the start of this course as I have extensively shadowed Dr. Yakovich. A phone interview was conducted to obtain much of the private data on the business. Industry sources such as the American Dental Association, the January 2010 Academy of General Dentistry, Dental Economics magazine, and The Journal of the American Dental Association. Other private industry sources such as Dentovations and the Sirona dental group were used for research sources. Jordan Gales...
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Business report memo - sedation dentistry to work with...

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