Collaborative assignment Gee letter

Collaborative assignment Gee letter - March 2 2010 Mr...

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March 2, 2010 Mr. Gordon Gee President The Ohio State University Enarson Hall 154 W 12th Avenue Columbus, OH 43210 Dear Mr. Gee: As you take office this quarter we the undergraduate committee on student safety has deliberated on many of the current issues facing campus. After numerous heated arguments we have compromised on what we feel are the most pressing safety issue regarding students today. With all the positive momentum you have brought to campus we are certain you would be able to implement our recommendations with great success. Noise pollution on campus has long been an issue dividing the student body. Many students feel there should be a noise reduction policy to protect the academic atmosphere on campus, while others feel this violates their rights. After a long process of compromise, the committee has created a plan that will prove beneficial to all those involved. This group recommends the creation of a committee comprised of students, faculty, and administrators to enact an appropriate noise pollution policy. Some preliminary recommendations would be setting up a schedule for enforcement of the noise reduction policy. Setting noise limits during class hours would promote an
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This note was uploaded on 04/10/2010 for the course CHEM 232212 taught by Professor Brown during the Spring '10 term at Ohio State.

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Collaborative assignment Gee letter - March 2 2010 Mr...

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