Derek Paper - When I first signed up to volunteer for Rick...

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When I first signed up to volunteer for Rick Browns campaign for Franklin County Municipal Judge, I did so because I believed that despite the low level of turnout in such an off year, there would still be a lot of professional tactics that can shine light on how some of the larger campaigns are run. The structure of our organization was a lot less rigid and professional than I had imagined. There were no paid workers on this campaign. From the people walking the streets, all the way to the campaign manager himself, everyone was there because they believed that Mr. Brown had a shot to be Judge. The people that were at the top of this campaign consisted of Scott Cavanaugh as his campaign advisor, he is a political blogger and has been involved in democratic campaigning for over 25 years. He also is Rick Browns best friend! Also on the campaign were two individuals, Chris Junga and Jodi Thomas who are aspiring to be judges as well some day. The person that we had the most contact with during the campaign was Justin Kelley. He is a campaign coordinator who has had previous experience working on the Stivers for Senate campaign last year. As for assigning a vertical chain of command for how this campaign ran, I believe that this was more of a two tier system, at the top was Rick Brown and his group of friends and associates that he trusted to help make the important decisions, then In the second group, the volunteers such as myself who were dictated the demands of the first group and helped to spread the word around the town. My first clue as to how efficient and well funded this campaign would be came from when I found out that the campaign had only been coordinated earlier this year. I was unable to get much information as to the finances of our campaign but I was informed as to why they had
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trouble accumulating funds. Our opponent, Mark Hummer, was treated as the incumbent from many law firms and PACS. Mr. Brown did receive a sum of $30,000 from the Columbus GOP.
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Derek Paper - When I first signed up to volunteer for Rick...

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