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Gales 1 Jordan Gales Professor Moe English 367.01H 1 October 2009 “Describe the Midwest” My perspective on the Midwest is somewhat different. The view from five thousand feet in the air allows one to really see the Midwest landscape. City dwellers often forget the small towns quietly nestled into the rolling fields that give this state its’ identity. A single airplane ride can remind us all of Ohio’s agrarian roots. On flights from Lake Erie to the Ohio River one sees more open fields than busy streets. Small farms, forgotten by busy suburbanites, are seen for their simple beauty. Even the largest of Midwestern cities are put into perspective when flown over. From above it is obvious Columbus is no NYC. The windows of a Cessna can sometimes provide a viewing glass for peering into the Midwestern Soul. My Midwest is no single location. No one street corner or building. Airport call signs such as “one-five-Golf” and “BJJ” are what come to mind when I think of Ohio. The muffled buzz of an aircraft engine and static filled radio transmissions remind me of home. In my aircraft the state is my playground and my Midwest can only be described by a frequent trip I fly around the area. Most pilots prefer to fly well above the clouds, away from distractions. I enjoy gliding low enough to read small town names on water towers. Along my journey I stop at often forgotten airports, experiencing the flavor of each town while landing on runways small enough to be mistaken for driveways. My journey begins at Skypark airport, a small community of aviators. Like the Midwest
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Describe the Midwest - Gales 1 Jordan Gales Professor Moe...

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