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Heart and Lung Team Members: Jordan Gales Shuana Collins, Jackie Bakalarski Tentative Topic: Essential Hypertension Research Questions: 1) Which risk factors for primary hypertension are the most likely to produce high blood pressure. 2) What are the genetic factors related to hypertension? What is the relationship between race and hypertension? 3) What are the differences, as far as cause and effect, of persistent
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Unformatted text preview: hypertension versus more short term, sporadic hypertension? 4) What is the relationship between sodium intake and hypertension. What is the magnitude of the relationship? 5) Why is it that 95 percent of hypertension cases are primary and not secondary? 6) What are the most effective forms of treating primary hypertension? 7) What are some emerging treatments for primary hypertension?...
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