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Employer Memo - From Jordan Gales Education To Prospective...

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From: Jordan Gales, To: Prospective Supervisor OSU Medical Center Research Lab Education While a B.S in Biomedical Science has afforded understanding of the basic and applied medical sciences, I have also been able to pursue a liberal arts undergraduate education. A minor in professional writing has equipped me with effective communication skills applicable to any research environment. Courses in philosophy, art, and literature have broadened my horizons and will enhance my creativity on any project. I also have received advanced training in laboratory technique, reading biomedical literature, and have actual experience completing an independent research study. While my undergraduate education has provided me a firm background, I plan on pursuing dual degrees in dentistry and oral biology. Job Information I have significant experience in the research field. I have spent one year in a cell biology lab learning the basic techniques used. I have two years experience in the OSU Sports Medicine
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