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Example of Cutaway Visual

Example of Cutaway Visual - The building Roof Behind the...

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Unformatted text preview: The building Roof Behind the scenes m" The sladiurn. wilh its stylised dean ard1ilneture. resembles a Two elsee‘l panels mflap l1: form Min ms were built in handle NW "Edi Tm jumbo high-delinitim otassle Indiana fiend house. such as Butler University's historic the retractable root. The; open I Q T'ur screens are heated at Hints Fieltfi'louee. we: we: buiit in 1923 in andianapua's. and close in nine to 11 minmes. - "‘3 “'1” m ”“53”" "'3 ”mm” “it” m” ““5“ "B ”555- either end we. LED video beards eirde the stadiLu'n and provide farts with video. graphics and scores. The seating The stadium was desi ed to g'r " built to accommodate a eenter scoreboard For basketball. . center. The sealing system _ _ br'mgs seas mmide. ' The floor h‘ _‘ The court fluerie melt 29 inches. above I the lined and elevated on a platform. Seats _ Them arre 63.000 Beets fm'fuoflaeil " and menu seals for basketball. ‘ movable window opens to a view of downturn-n. Addtuml eeurhide seat . for beekethall games Sources: HHS Sports 8. Enlelteinment Group; The Indianapolis Star Lucas Oilfield model provided HKS See 3: Enterleirlnent Grou :Ciiis risen and Jennifer lmle. Thel ierE is Slag grephi: by Bob Laid. USA [DAY I' 5 going to be a newI level at entertainment people used to going In the Final Fem: ” — "will: “fillieml, Principelhil'actur of Busheos Development at HKS Sports it: Enlerteinment Group “Mu-Jan—au—"ewwuwc'fl" ...
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