HW#3 Chapter 1.7

HW#3 Chapter 1.7 - Maple T.A Gradebook...

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Unformatted text preview: Maple T.A. - Gradebook http://syrup.math.iupui.edu:8080/mapleta/gradebook/gradebook.do[4/11/2010 1:48:29 PM] System Homepage » Class Homepage » Student Details » Student Assignment Details Math-M 119 Mitchell: 21385 : Gradebook Welcome Roxana Galoiu [ My Profile ] Assignment detail for Roxana Galoiu in HW#3 1.7: Roxana Galoiu Login: rogaloiu Email: [email protected] Student ID: 2518563 Assignments completed: 12 Assignments active: Question Grade 1 The amount of radioactive polonium isotope left over after days is given by the formula where t is the number of days and is the initial amount. If the initial amount is 100 milligrams, how much is remaining after 12 days? Your Answer: 94.17 Comment: Instructors Comment: 1.0 2 You have deposited 13,000 dollars in a bank account which yields simple interest at 3% per year. What is the balance in the account after 8 years? Your Answer: 16468.011 Comment: Instructors Comment: 1.0 3 During the period of observation the population of a certain town could be closely approximated by...
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HW#3 Chapter 1.7 - Maple T.A Gradebook...

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