Outline EESA11- WINTER 2020-2 - University of Toronto Scarborough 2020W Environmental Pollution(EES A11 Instructor Dr Jovan R Stefanovic Office EV

Outline EESA11- WINTER 2020-2 - University of Toronto...

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University of Toronto 2020W Scarborough " Environmental Pollution" (EES A11) Instructor : Dr. Jovan R. Stefanovic Office : EV 340 Lecture: Thursday 5 7pm (AA 112) Email : [email protected] Phone:416.287.7224 Office hour: Thursdays 4- 5pm (from Jan.16) Teaching Assistants for the assignment: Yuchao Wan ([email protected]) and Wai Ying Lam ([email protected]) Teaching Assistant for quizzes : Andrew Apostoli ([email protected]) TAs office and office hours: TBA on Quercus. Textbook : Hill, Marquita K. (2010). Understanding Environmental Pollution (3rd Ed.). New York: Cambridge University Press. Specific readings will also be given out for some lectures. Grading: Final Examination 40 % Mid-Term Test (Feb.27) 30 % One (1) Assignment 22 % Quizzes (2x4.0%) 8% The intent of the course: This course provides students an introduction to issues related to environmental pollution, with emphasis on causes, pathways, risks, mitigation and prevention. By the end of this course, students will have a good understanding of the dynamic nature of human-environment relationships, and the multidimensional characteristics of environmental pollution, through the use of Canadian and international examples. Special emphasis will be placed on issues related to eutrophication phenomena, exotic species invasions, water quality/fisheries management, energy, mining and waste management.