Stiochiometry Report F09

Stiochiometry Report F09 - Stoichiometry 5) Calculate the...

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Report 3 (Total 90 points) Note: In preparing this report you are free to use references and consult with others. However, you may not copy from other students’ work (including your laboratory partner) or misrepresent your own data (see honor code). Name (Print then sign): ___________________________________________________ Lab Partner: ___________________ ________________________________________ Lab Day: ___________________Section: ________TA__________________________ Part 1 Mass Grams empty 150-mL beaker 3 NaHCO and beaker Mass of 3 NaHCO Mass Grams NaCl plus beaker (heat lamp) first weighing NaCl plus beaker (heat lamp) second weighing NaCl plus beaker (heat lamp) third weighing Please show your work for EVERY calculation! 1) The grams of NaCHO 3 you had in your beaker was ________ 2) Calculate how many moles of NaCHO 3 are in your sample ________ 3) Write the molar ratio for the NaCHO 3 / NaCl ratio _______ 4) Write the number of moles of NaCl you predict were produced in your experiment.
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Unformatted text preview: Stoichiometry 5) Calculate the mass of NaCl you predict will be produced. 6) Determine the actual mass of NaCl produced in your experiment a) first weighing b) second weighing c) third weighing 7) Calculate your percentage yield using the average of the three weighings. 8) What factors may have contributed to your percent yield not being exactly 100%? List at least 3, be specific, and use complete sentences. Part 2 1) Record the assigned molarity the solution: _________ 2) Record the actual value of the molarity your TA value has found: _________ 3) Complete the equation for the titration of: ( 29 ( 29 + aq aq 3 HCl NaHCO 4) Calculate your percent error from your assigned value. 5) List 3 possible sources of error that may have been introduced into making the solution. Be specific, and use complete sentences....
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Stiochiometry Report F09 - Stoichiometry 5) Calculate the...

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