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Chapter 2 Practice Problems 2-16 a. (1) b. (2) c. (3) d. (3) 2-17 a. (2) b. (1) c. (2) d. (3) 2-19 a. Engagement performance b. Human resources c. Engagement performance d. Engagement performance e. Relevant ethical requirements f. Monitoring g. Acceptance and continuation of clients and engagements h. Human resources i. Human resources j. Leadership responsibilities 2-20 a. Rossi and Montgomery's primary ethical consideration is their professional competence to perform all of the audit work for filing with the SEC. In addition, if Rossi and Montgomery have performed bookkeeping services or certain consulting services for Mobile Home, they will not be independent under PCAOB and SEC independence requirements. The firm must also be a registered firm with the PCAOB. b. The filing with the SEC, in addition to normal audited financial
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Unformatted text preview: statements, will require completion and registration with the SEC of Form S-1 which includes an audited summary of operations for the last five fiscal years as well as many additional schedules and descriptions of the business. Each quarter subsequent to the filing, Form 10-Q must be filed; and within 90 days of the end of each fiscal year Form 10-K must be filed with the SEC. In addition, Form 8-K must be filed whenever significant events have occurred which are of interest to public investors. These forms must be filed in conformity with Regulation S-X, which requires considerable disclosures in addition to those normally required in audited financial statements....
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