Practice Problems Ch. 13 (ACCT-422)

Practice Problems Ch. 13 (ACCT-422) - Examine sales invoice...

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Solutions to Chapter 13 Practice Problems 13-22 a. (2) b. (2) c. (1) d. (4) 13-23 a. (2) b. (3) c. (1) d. (3) 13-24 a. b. 1. TD of B 2. TD of B 3. AP 4. T of C 5. ST of T 6. AP 7. TD of B 8. T of C 9. TD of B 10. T of C 11. T of C Recalculation Documentation Analytical procedures Documentation Documentation Analytical procedures Documentation Inquiry and observation Confirmation Documentation Inquiry 13-1
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13-26 PAPER AUDIT TRAIL? TEST OF CONTROL a. b. c. d. e. f. g. Yes Yes No* Yes Yes No No* Account for numbers included in the sequence to determine that all documents are there. Examine invoices for controller's approval. Observe the cashier preparing the deposit slip and delivering the deposit to the bank.
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Unformatted text preview: Examine sales invoice for initials. Examine a sample of bank reconciliations for indication that the controller prepared each one. Observe whether the supervisor is present and performing his responsibilities at the time employees check in. Observe president's secretary opening mail and prelisting cash receipts. Also examine existence of prelisting. * The primary concern in these two items is the separation of duties rather than the existence of the deposit slip and prelisting. The primary test of control procedure must therefore be observation. 13-2...
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Practice Problems Ch. 13 (ACCT-422) - Examine sales invoice...

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