test 3 study guide - Method of Loci- associations between...

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Method of Loci- associations between locations along familiar route, link system between places. Mental imagery studies: - Titchners introspection: ask people what they are thinking, report internal subjective experiences, -Mental Rotation: high the degree is rotation the long it takes for mind to rotate -Image scanning: how we create and manipulate visual imagery, shown a map of an island, scanning map takes longer to place images that are farther apart. Problems: we don’t always have the language to describe this process, and it happens outside of our awareness. Eidetic imagery: photographic memory, more vivid than normal memory, 8% kids 0% adults Problem Solving: Goal not immediately attainable, Simple: addition, goal is easy, and we know the possibilities Complex: getting through college, know goal, but getting there takes time and effort, not immediate Well-defined: clear goal, all info provided Ill defined: real life problems, not exactly clear on the goal, nor do we know all the options to reach it. Insight problems: Archimedes: used his bathtub to help with other problem. Crown- gold and silver, Bath- water rises, therefore crowns volume can be determined by water displaced Hindrances: Automaticity: familiar routes get in the way Stroop effect: automatic actions, once set in information, are sometimes hard to turn off or modify. RED
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test 3 study guide - Method of Loci- associations between...

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