Introduction To Biotechnology- genetic engineering

Introduction To Biotechnology- genetic engineering -...

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Introduction To Biotechnology Genetic Engineering The definition of Genetic engineering refers broadly to the process of directed manipulation of the genome of an organism, usually a specific gene as defined by Helen, K. and Adrianne, M. (2005). The main aim is to change the organisms production of proteins from the old protein to new protein that is more or less the same but with a different function. A transgenic organism is an organism that contains a gene originally from another source. The gene that is inserted is called the transgene, which is different from the native genes. Genetic engineering has many applications, its used in treating certain diseases traits, its used for plant resistance from pests and in many industrial processes as biocatalysts to speed the production and reduce costs. We will concentrate mainly on the advantages and disadvantages of papermaking using genetic engineering. Paper is made of wood, cellulose fibres are the structures which make up wood and its the essential part that makes paper. These fibres are held or stuck together by the phenolic polymer lignin. The typical process of making paper pulp is to dissolve the lignin with chemicals. This method is involves harsh chemicals that are toxic to the environment. These chemicals come out as waste streams from pulp mills, contaminating the area around the mills with chemicals. This method also leads to 50% lose of mass of the wood which is the lignin becoming a wastage which is very costly. Another method of obtaining the fibres is by
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Introduction To Biotechnology- genetic engineering -...

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