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CH6_over - q V = Δ E(bomb calorimetry closed const V no...

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CH 6 - Energy and Chemical Reactions (Thermochemistry) 6.1 Nature of Energy and its Interconversion a) kinetic (motion), potential (position, composition) b) universe = system + surroundings c) E transfer: heat, work ( PV = P ext Δ V ) d) 1st Law: Conservation of Energy 1) internal energy Δ E = heat + work 2) q absorbed by , w done on system e) state functions 6.2 Enthalpy: Δ H = Δ E + Δ ( PV ) a) Δ H rx when P ext const, only PV work b) exothermic and endothermic reactions 6.3 Measuring Heat Transfer: Calorimetry a) heat capacity, C ; specific heat, c s b) adiabatic c) heat at constant pressure , q P = Δ H (closed, const P , only PV work) d) heat at constant volume
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Unformatted text preview: , q V = Δ E (bomb calorimetry - closed, const V , no work)-2-Energy and Chemical Reactions Continued 6.4 Stoichiometry of Thermochemical Equa-tions 6.5 Hess’s Law- for calculating Δ H rx 6.6 Standard Enthalpies of Formation, Δ H o f a) standard states b) for calculating Δ H o rx 12.1 12.2 Changes of State, Phase Changes a) accompanying energy changes b) heating curves c) vaporization, fusion, sublimation d) s, l, g, aq in a reaction 9.3 Bond Enthalpies- for calculating Δ H rx 9.4...
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