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Loyalty Program Information System Requirements The Royal and Loyal (R&L) company handles loyalty programs for companies that offer their customers various kinds of bonuses (E.g., bonus points, air miles, reduced rates, a larger car for the rate of a smaller one in a Car Hire company, extra or better service on an Airline etc.). Anything a company is willing to offer can be a service rendered in a loyalty program. The central class in the UML model, below, is LoyaltyProgram . A system that administers a single loyalty program will contain only one object of this class. A company that offers its customers a membership in a loyalty program is called a ProgramPartner . More than one company can enter into the same program. In such a case, customers who enter the loyalty program can profit from services rendered by any of the participating companies. Every customer of every program partner can enter the loyalty program by filling in a form and obtaining a membership card. The objects of class Customer represent people who have entered the program. The membership card, represented by the class CustomerCard , is issued to one person. Card use is not checked so the card could be used as a family or business card. Most loyalty programs allow customers to save bonus points. Each individual program partner decides when and how many bonus points are allotted for a certain purchase. Saved bonus points can be used to “buy” specific services from one of the program partners. To account for the bonus points that are saved by the customer, every membership can be associated with a LoyaltyAccount . Various transactions on this account are possible. For example, the loyalty program “Silver and Gold” has 4 program partners: a supermarket, a chain of petrol stations, a car rental service and an airline: At the supermarket a customer earns 5 bonus points for £1 spent above £10: bonus points can be redeemed for items buyable only with bonus points The petrol stations offer a discount of 5% on every bill The Car Hire company offers 20 bonus points for every £50 spent Customers can save bonus points for free flights with the Airline. For every normal flight the airline offers 1 bonus point for each 15 miles of flight. In this scenario, there are two types of transactions. First, there are transactions in which
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assign_3_RoyalLoyalAns - Loyalty Program Information System...

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