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CS 6290: High-Performance Computer Architecture Spring 2009 Project 3 Due: April 21 st (see T-Square) This project is intended to help you understand multi- and many-core performance. You will submit a report for this project. To complete this project, you should know how to set up the simulator, cross-compile an application, run a simulation, and examine results. Projects 1 and 2 contain instructions on how to accomplish these tasks. This project will be a lot easier to complete successfully if you have successfully completed Project 2. Note that this project represents 20% of the class grade – twice as much as both of the previous two projects together. It is to your advantage to start early. Each part of this project assignment specifies what should be included in your report to get points for that part of the project. As explained in the course rules, this is an individual project : no collaboration with other students or anyone else is allowed . What to submit in T-Square: Submit your report as a PDF file. Also submit your modified game.c file that you used for performance results you reported in Part 3. Helpful hints and clarifications: Read the entire assignment carefully before you begin working on any part of it. Knowing what you will need to do for other parts of the assignment may (and probably will) help you plan your work and organize your modifications to the simulator’s code. In this assignment, we are only looking at data L1 caches, e.g. if you are asked to provide the total number of replacement in L1 caches, you should add up the replacement miss counts from all data L1 caches and report the total. “Cache miss” refers to “real” cache misses. What the simulator reports as “half-miss” can be considered to be a cache hit for the purposes of reporting cache misses. Unless otherwise specified, always use the default configuration file (the one that came with the simulator), not the modified configuration file from some previous project or another part of this project. If a part of this project calls for a modification to the configuration file, you should start with the default configuration and just modify the parameters you are asked to modify. Part 1 [10 points]: Many-core execution of a parallel application We will be using a different parallel application in this project. Set up the simulator as explained in Project 2, including your changes for identifying cache misses in the data L1 cache from Part 3 of Project 2. If you were unable to complete Part 3 in Project 2, you should make the changes to the simulator now.
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The application we will use is a parallel implementation of “Game of Life” (which will be described later). For now, copy the applications’ code from /CS6290/gol (note that we are copying the entire “gol” directory, including subdirectories): cd ~/sim cp –R /CS6290/gol . Now compile the application for execution within the simulator. Note that the application
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PR3 - CS 6290: High-Performance Computer Architecture...

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