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p2f08_exam1_topics_and_hw_problems - Overview for PHYS 1200...

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Overview for PHYS 1200 Exam 1 Sept 26, 2008 Key Topics Topic Sub-topic HW problems 21 22 Coulomb's law and vector forces 21.08, Vector forces between multiple particles 21.11, Forces between multiple particles 22.09 Field from multiple particles TB 21.28 Charge exchanged between two particles - maximum force TB 21.48 x component of force for particle on y axis 24 Potential and Fields 24.08 Graph of field versus position, find potential 23 Gauss' law TB 23.08 Flux through side of cube TB 23.21 Field near charged plate Conductors and Gauss' Law 23.69 Charged metal shell Flux 23.02 Flux integrated through a cube 23.09 Flux through a cube Symmetry 23.44 Simple spherical surface 25 Capacitors Circuits 25.17 A capacitor circuit
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25.24 Parallel plates in parallel TB 25.21/26 Caps in parallel/series must have same (charge, voltage, energy stored, capacitance) What's constant? TB 25.099 Cap can be increased by changing (inc charge?, spacing?, voltage, current" area?) TB 25.13 Isolated capacitor - Pulling the plates apart changes Parallel plates 25.05 Calculate capacitance of // plate cap Energy storage 25.30 Energy storage
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