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Topics Distribution for PHYS 1200 Exam 2 Oct 29, 2008 Chapter and Topic Subtopic 15.01-15.04 Oscillating and harmonic systems Simple Harmonic Motion (force law, displacement, velocity, acceleration) Potential and Kinetic energy Springs and SHM 16.01-06, 16.08-10, 16.12-13 Mechanical Waves Equation of a traveling harmonic wave (amplitude, wavelength, frequency, traveling speed, Waves on a string (tension, mass density, speed) Wave interference (wave phase, adding sine waves) Standing Waves 17.01-04 Sound Waves Sound Properties (speed in different media,
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Unformatted text preview: audible frequencies, displacement, pressure) Standing waves and resonance 30.06-08, 30.10-11 Inductance and self-inductance Faraday's Law Self induction and definition of inductance Energy storage in magnetic field 31.01-12 Electromagnetic Oscillations LC circuits Simple ac circuits and Reactance ac RMS, Peak to peak, amplitude ac voltage divider (RC, RL) Behavior of a driven RLC circuit 32.01-05 Maxwell's Equations Displacement current Electromagnetic waves (E, B, and S in traveling EM wave)...
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