p2f08_exam2_topics_with_HW problems

p2f08_exam2_topics_with_HW problems - Topics Distribution...

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Topics Distribution for PHYS 1200 Exam 2 Chapter and Topic Subtopic Related HW problems and quick summary 15.01-15.04 Oscillating and harmonic systems Simple Harmonic Motion (force law, displacement, velocity, acceleration) 15.05 Simple harmonic motion. Given T/2 and amplitude, find period, velocity, accel. Springs - Natural frequency, Potential and Kinetic energy in SHM 15.28 Deduce spring constant from energy, amplitude, speed 15.32 Deduce spring information from graph of energy vs displacement 16.01-06, 16.09-10, 16.12-13 Mechanical Waves Equation of a traveling harmonic wave (amplitude, wavelength, frequency, traveling speed, Activity 14 - Traveling waves Ch16 Question 2 Wave speed, wavelength, amp, freq from graph 16.11 Deduce information from a graph Waves on a string (tension, mass density, speed, transverse speed) 16.21 Deduce information from graph of wave, mass density, tension D Bird on a string Superposition and Wave interference (wave phase, adding sine waves) Activity - sketch two pulses as
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p2f08_exam2_topics_with_HW problems - Topics Distribution...

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