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Topics Distribution for PHYS 1200 Exam 3 Fall 2008 Chapter and Topic Subtopic Related HW Problems and Activities exam problems 17.08 Beats HW18 - Interpreting a beat pattern (2007 exam) Activity 18 - Hearing and viewing beats on oscilloscope A1 A2 17.09 Doppler effect HW18 - Banshee (2007 exam) A3 17.06 Sound wave intensity HW19 - PA Converting between intensity and sound level A10 33.05-33.06 EM wave intensity HW19 - PB laser beam HW19 - PC sunlight and power from sun Activity 19 - Intensity and 1/ r 2 law B2 35.01-35.05 Interference Optical Path Length and speed of light Ch 35 P08 optical path length and travel time Phase Difference Ch35 P13 path length and phase difference C2 Adding waves in and out of Phase Activity 20 (paper) Michelson Interferometer Activity 20 (paper) Double slit interference Ch35 P16 double slit interference Ch35 P27 double slit + mica slab Problem A - two sources separated by 8 wavelengths Activity 21 A4 36.01-36.04, 36.06 Diffraction Single slit diffraction Ch36 P03 single slit
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p2f08_exam3_topics_with_HW%20problems0 - Topics...

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