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Please write your name on each page: _______________________________________________ MAU Spring 2009 Final Exam Please write your RIN # here once: __________ SOLUTIONS__________________ Please circle your section: M/R 12 M/R 2 T/F 8:30 Academic integrity Work entirely alone. You cannot share notes, books, calculators, etc. with anybody. Feel free to use the textbook and any other written materials, as well as Minitab, Excel, Maple or whatever software you feel you need. You are expected to have all course, text and Minitab datasets loaded onto your laptop computer. We will not provide datasets or textbooks, nor can you borrow them from another student. Do not connect your laptop computer to any network. Any email or instant messaging activity will be considered prima facie evidence of cheating. Do not disclose the contents of the exam to any students in the conflict exam. Instructions There are 6 questions, each worth 10 points, for a total of 60. We will grade the exam out of a maximum of 50 points, so you could score up to 60/50 = 120%. You can answer most questions using Minitab. You do not have to show your work in these cases. When quoting Minitab results, please report answers exactly as they appear in Minitab (i.e., same number of decimals). If you have a question, bring it down to your proctor in front. If you need to use the rest room, just do so, but leave your materials in the exam room. Good luck from all the MAU Team! Q1_________ Q2_________ Q3_________ Q4_________ Q5_________ Q6_________ _________ /50 = total WARNING: DO NOT ASSUME THAT LAST SPRING'S EXAM WILL RESEMBLE THIS FALL'S EXAM. IT MAY HELP YOU PREPARE, BUT WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE BOTH FORM AND CONTENT. 1
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Please write your name on each page: _______________________________________________ Question 1. Read in the MAU dataset BOStoATL.mtw . This gives information on the average performance of all flights between Boston and Atlanta over 122 days. Focus on the variable in C14: AirDeviation. This is the difference between the actual air time and the planned air time ("ETE" = estimated time en route"). If the airlines are planning well and the deviations are the result of many small random factors, then certain hypotheses should be true. Test each one. In each case, first state whether you retain or reject the hypothesis, then briefly state what statistical technique you used, and finally report the relevant Minitab p-value that justifies your conclusion about the hypothesis. a) [3 points] Hypothesis 1: The distribution of AirDeviation should be normal. Retain. Used a probability plot with the AD statistic. The p-value is 0.923 >> 0.05. b)[3 points] Hypothesis 2: The mean of AirDeviation should be zero.
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MAU Final Exam Solutions - Please write your name on each...

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