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Name:___________________________________ CS 6660 Fall 2007 final, sample solution This exam is closed book, closed notes Please turn off your cell phone before starting the exam. You can ask questions about the problems, but not about your answers. 1. Suppose you are in charge of human resources at a company. On record, you have the  qualifications of employees who applied to your company and been hired. The  qualifications include: previous work experience: organization, position, skills (ex: C++ programming,  statistics, swimming), and number of years of experience in each organization, at  each position, and with each skill. educational transcripts: undergraduate and graduate courses taken and final grades  for those courses reference letters your company’s evaluation of each current employee.  Your goal is to create a way to  classify new applicants to determine who should be hired and who should not be  hired. Answer the following questions: a) List two attributes or kinds of records you will remove and explain why.  Previous organization – the organization name is not likely to tell you much about the employee and for many organizations, there will be far too few examples to draw meaningful conclusions Reference letters – it is not generally useful to treat reference letters from different people using the same criteria. Different people have different standards. Also, much of what is similar between letters would be stock phrases that do not mean much b) For one of the attributes that you are using for your analysis, explain how you would  “bin” the data and why. Binning the years of experience into something like 0 years, 1-2 years, 2-5
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6660Fall07finSoln - Name:_ CS 6660 Fall 2007 final, sample...

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