essay questions - You are a teacher of a tenth grade...

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You are a teacher of a tenth grade history class. Describe how you would use meaningful learning, elaboration, organization, multiple channels and attention to help your students successfully learn about the feudal system. You are a senior physics instructor and your students believe that mass and weight affect the rate of fall. Explain why this might be the case? How might you use distributed cognition, authentic activities, and opportunities for experimentation to challenge the misconception? Using concepts from Chapter 2 (Piagetian developmental stages, scaffolding, ZPD and language development) to explain how a math lesson would vary by age? Give reasoning and describe possible teaching strategies. Vygotsky and his followers have proposed that children’s and adolescents’ cognitive development is promoted when they work within their zone of proximal development and that scaffolding enables them to do this successfully. a. Explain these two concepts, and give a concrete example of each one. b. Choose a topic or skill that is apt to be in the zone of proximal development for most students at a particular grade level. Then explain how you would (1) scaffold students’ efforts and (2) modify the scaffolding over time. Imagine that you are teaching at a school that serves students from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The students tend to congregate in groups along ethnic lines, to the point where they are quite “clique-ish” and exclusive, and hostilities are building up between ethnic groups. Using guidelines presented in the textbook, describe three strategies that you and your fellow teachers might use to foster positive interaction and friendships across the groups. Describe each strategy in a separate paragraph,
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essay questions - You are a teacher of a tenth grade...

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