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Lecture 18 1 School of Arts and Letters Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies Summer 2009 AK/HUMA 1780 6.0A Stories in Diverse Media Announcements: Assignment #2 is due today by 12 midnight. Please see Lecture 16 for the latest Upload information. Reminder : Our final exam is set for Friday, August 21 2009, at 7pm 10pm in room 137 South in the Ross Building. The exam is worth 20% of your final grade. For those who will not be in Toronto for that date, you should be making arrangements with Distance Education for an offsite exam at http://www.atkinson.yorku.ca/disted/offsiteExam/index.htm . You are responsible for making these alternate arrangements. This exam is mandatory and it is your responsibility to attend and to arrive at the right time and place . Final Exam Format: You are only responsible for material we have covered since the midterm test (starting with Henry James' The Turn of the Screw ). The exam will be comprised of three sections: First section : Short answers and identifications Define concepts, characters, objects, places, or titles from the readings, viewings, and lectures Identify 9 of 12 for a total of 36 marks (each is worth 4 marks) Second section : Sight passages Discuss 3 sight passages by identifying the title and author of the work as well as the speaker and/or characters in the passage (if applicable). Explain the significance of the passage in terms of the text as a whole and any themes that might be present Identify 3 of the 5 sight passages for a total of 30 marks (each is worth 10 marks) Third section : Essay question Answer 1 of 3 questions in essay format for a total of 34 marks In this essay you will be comparing 3 story groups whereby a story group consists of 1 source text and 1 adaptation. This question will ask you to discuss a particular concept or issue related to the readings, viewings, and lecture material You will need to write in complete sentences and paragraph form—no point form— but you will not be required to have a formal thesis statement
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Lecture 18 2 Discussion Rooms: You also have until Friday, August 22 at midnight to participate in the discussion rooms. Discussion threads started on or after Saturday, August 23, will not count as part of your participation grade, so make sure to post at least three answers to the questions of your choice before the final exam. The Color Purple : From Novel to Film Last week I ended the lecture by discussing the genre of epistolary fiction and how it informs Walker's novel, The Color Purple . I'm going to start this week's lecture by finishing up this discussion and by talking about another genre: romance. I will also discuss the ending of the novel and the importance of naming before moving on to the film. As we learned last week, Walker's choice to write her story in the form of letters,
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18lecture1780colorpurplefilm09SU - Lecture18 1...

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