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Lecture 16 1 School of Arts and Letters Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies Summer 2009 AK/HUMA 1780 6.0A Stories in Diverse Media Announcements: Please note: Distance Education is now housed in the eServices Office (eSO), Faculty Suite 2120, TEL Building, and the phone number is still 416 736 5831, but all the previous Atkinson Distance Education Web site links are no longer publicly linked or http://www.yorku.ca/laps/ Here is the new link for the Distance Education Web site: http://www.yorku.ca/laps/disted/ Also, there is a new protocol for uploading assignments (it isn't very different so don't fret, but you will need to review this for next week's assignment submission). I will copy it below. You can access Assignment Upload through the Distance Education Web site at: http://www.yorku.ca/laps/disted/coversheetweb.htm This means that OCTES is no longer the contact for help. Instead, please use the [email protected] email if you have technical difficulties uploading your assignment. Thank you for your patience. The Distance Education services are in transition this summer so I apologize for the bumps we've encountered along the way this term.
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Lecture 16 2 Procedure for Submitting Assignments On-line There is an ONLINE procedure for students to submit assignments to the eServices Office. Students are to submit their assignments to the Assignment Upload Web site . Please refer to the steps below. How do I submit assignments? Step 1 : Go to: http://www.yorku.ca/laps/disted/coversheetweb.htm The recommended browser to access this site is Internet Explorer 6.0 Step 2: Login to the system with your York U e-mail account user id and your student number as your password. Your user id is the first part of your York Student E-mail account. Example: UDER ID (e.g. [email protected]): joes STUDENT NUMBER: 909200900 (with no spaces) Step 3: Choose your course from the list of your enrolled distance courses Step 4: Upload your assignment (attach file) and fill out the required Course Assignment Cover Form Students can upload by simply attaching their assignment files from the detailed instructions on the Web site. If you wish to resubmit before the assignment deadline we will print your most recent submission. Step 5: Submit and keep a print out copy of your confirmation of submission Some final suggestions: On every page of your assignment you should note your name, student # and page #. Your assignment should be submitted by the due date otherwise it will be marked late. Always keep a back up copy of your assignment file. Experiencing difficulties when submitting your assignment online?
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16lecture1780batmanfilm09SU - Lecture16 Summer2009...

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