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Lecture 10 Clements 1 School of Arts and Letters, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies Summer 2009 AK/HUMA 1780 6.0A Stories in Diverse Media Next Monday is the midterm test. For more information please see the Midterm Test Format outline in the Exam Information folder. Please note now : if you have trouble uploading the test, send your test via email to [email protected] . Also, before uploading, please make sure you are using the correct computing requirements. You cannot use Firefox or Safari; you need to use Internet Explorer 7. If you have difficulties you can also call 416 736 5831 to contact Distance Education directly. Another Contemporary Pygmalion: Deepa Mehta's Bollywood/Hollywood This is the final (and short) lecture before the midterm. I assume that you will be spending 2 hours to watch the movie, which you should be able to get at a local video store. The SMIL library at York University also has a copy. Deepa Mehta's film is a mild parody of Bollywood films. Although it is funny on its own, it also comments not only on the relationship between contemporary Eastern and Western lifestyles, but on the genre of Bollywood movies. To a certain extent you can think of parody as a particular type of adaptation because, like the stories we've been studying, parody typically takes the material of a source text and adapts it into another version; it imitates and therefore relies on a prior text. Sometimes a parody is also put into another medium, like the change from Shaw's play to a television episode (there is a Simpsons version called Pygmoelian, for example) or Deepa Metha's film.
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Lecture 10 Clements 2 More specifically, parody can be defined as a mocking imitation of the style of a work, ridiculing the stylistic habits of an author or school by exaggerated mimicry. See Lecture Summary 10 Slide 2. (To clarify style for you, which is, admittedly, a complicated term:
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10lecture1780bpygmalion09SU - Lecture10 Clements1 ,...

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