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Writing Assignment 1

Writing Assignment 1 - Mark Einsiedel FSNA 109 Prof Greksa...

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Mark Einsiedel FSNA 109 Prof. Greksa 28 September 2008 Writing Assignment 1 - Revisions Race Upon seeing something for the first time, or upon seeing something at all for that matter, it is within our own human nature to classify it in some way. Even if done subconsciously, it is scientifically proven that the mind automatically labels the people you meet based on their race and has little difficulty in classifying most, or even all, of the people you meet. According to an article in the Boston Globe, “One hundred milliseconds after we have first laid eyes on someone, we have made a determination about their race.” [1] Based upon the same article, 50 milliseconds later the mind determines the gender of the person; but the person’s race is the very first thing our mind distinguishes, especially if we identify the person as being different from ourselves. I, too, classify the people I meet based on their race; not because I’m racist or because I have the mindset that anyone is inferior to anyone else, but because it is in our human nature. I especially classify the people I meet when I can immediately distinguish that they are different from myself. For instance, I grew up in a predominantly white farming community. My first eye-opening experience with people different from myself was my freshman year of high school when my school chose to allow open enrollment. Consequently, swarms of black children from neighboring Youngstown came into our
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district. It was a major transition in my town and most of the older people were not at all accepting of the new kids; however, my best friend is a black boy and he is one of the only people who was there for me when my mother walked out on our family. The simple
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Writing Assignment 1 - Mark Einsiedel FSNA 109 Prof Greksa...

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