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Mark Einsiedel Writing Assignment 2 FSNA 109: Science and Race Prof. Greksa October 10, 2008 Darwin, Blumenbach, and Nott: Their Views on Races Charles Darwin, Johann Blumenbach, and Josiah Nott all hold one extremely significant thing in common: they play an important role in our current understanding of human races. The majority of the population in the eighteenth-century chose to honor the traditional Christian assumption of a single creation of all beings. This strong view did not change fundamentally until scientists started to propose new ideas. These three great men’s attempts to meld the scientific and the Biblical were a powerful and classical Enlightenment effort. According to these scientists, Europeans were assigned as the most favorable of races, with Africans as the least favorable. They hardened this idea of permanent “racial” distinctions into the minds of many, many people all the way up to the present day. One of the scientists who helped formulate this idea, Charles Darwin, is also one of the most well known scientists ever due to his views on race and the theory he introduced. Darwin once took a five year voyage on the survey ship Beagle. It was here that he found it absolutely dazzling that such a wide array of animal species could be found on different islands, despite the fact that that all the islands were strikingly similar in their geological, climatic, and other physical conditions. Through his personal experiences on the Beagle, Darwin formulated his famous theory. His theory is actually Mark Einsiedel - Page 1 - Writing Assignment 2
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quite simple to understand; the strongest and fittest win the struggle and survive, while the weakest are condemned to defeat and oblivion. Furthermore, Darwin proposed something quite audacious for his time period: that “the fight for survival” based upon natural selection also applied between human races. Accordingly, the favored race of the time, white Europeans, was victorious in the struggle. Moreover, parallel to the views of the time, Darwin believed Africans and Asians races fell behind in the struggle for survival. He was so set in this belief, he was
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Writing Assignment 2 - Mark Einsiedel Writing Assignment 2...

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