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Writing Assignment 4 - Mark Einsiedel FSNA 109 Prof. Greksa...

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Mark Einsiedel FSNA 109 Prof. Greksa 1 December 2008 Writing Assignment 4 My Personal Understanding of Race and How It Has Changed Through the semester in Dr. Greksa’s class, I have come to further realize the importance of race in the United States. At the beginning of the class, I realized its importance, but now I realize its magnitude and relevance to everyone. My views have not changed in that I believe that you can not sort humans by race accurately, and the evidence and information I now have to back up my views is stronger. Until fairly recently, our society enforced the separation of “races” in virtually all important areas: social, economic, political and educational. I learned that as a result of this racial isolation, black and whites often learned about each other by relying on unfounded images and stereotypes. Until scientists starting analyzing race, there were no hard facts useful for education and understanding. Even so, I found out that such scientists were susceptible to unconscious influence due to their culture-based belief systems of the time. I still feel strongly that “race” is an incredibly powerful socially constructed idea that warrants different people different opportunities. Dr. Greksa’s class made me more aware of the fact that race affects everyone because our society has created distinct advantages of being a certain “race.” We are supposed to live in a nation that equally enables everyone to flourish and understand each other, in a truly integrated society; so I
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wondered, “Why is ‘race’ so important and how is it relevant to everyone?” Dr. Greksa’s class helped me confirm my early hypothesizes and truly answer this question. I have learned that we certainly do not label people by race because of their
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Writing Assignment 4 - Mark Einsiedel FSNA 109 Prof. Greksa...

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