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Advocacy Brief - Distinctions of University of X

Advocacy Brief - Distinctions of University of X - Advocacy...

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Advocacy Brief: Distinctions of University of X From Mark Einsiedel, Mark S. Einsiedel Ingenuity Endowment Executive Summary Education, coupled with creativity, is our passion here at The Mark S. Einsiedel Ingenuity Endowment. Upon review of your application for funding, we are pleased to announce you are being reviewed for funds up to $3 million. Your institution has been narrowed down to one of several finalists thanks to your commitment to supporting higher education through persistence and creativity. The three main criteria that we evaluate in choosing our institution to help support are as follows: Does the institution display first-rate ingenuity? Does the institution display a clear strategy and vision for its development? Does the institution seem to be/it will be able to be financially sound? We are pleased with your university’s ingenuity thus far. Your proposition for a specific Student Life Office and the fact that you wish to require some form of extracurricular activity for each student greatly pleases us. We agree that campus involvement reaps many seen and unseen benefits. However, your university’s overall mission statement and financial plan are still a bit vague at this point in time. We suggest you address these topics and perhaps hire individuals with experience financially at the collegiate level, which is a concern for us because you could potentially be receiving $3 million from us. We feel that if your university can fix these few problems, you have a bright future in which the sky is the limit.
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About Our Foundation We here at The Mark S. Einsiedel Creativity Endowment were very excited to hear about some of your hopes and ideals for your new University of X. We realize that continuing education is vital for prosperity in today’s economy. Our foundation’s focus is to help further students’ education alongside providing them with a fulfilling, rewarding college experience. The primary goal of our foundation is in the creation of brand new, innovative institutions and their programs. Your university’s plan to create a college that it distinct from the rest is just what we are looking for. We are excited for your institution and its bright, bold ideas. We appreciate your willingness to embrace the opportunity to
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Advocacy Brief - Distinctions of University of X - Advocacy...

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