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Notes from Meeting #2 at University of X

Notes from Meeting #2 at University of X - Notes from...

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Notes from Meeting at University of X re: Community Leaders Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Attending: Mark Einsiedel, Richard Baznik, Max Bohon, Kurt Jensen, Amanda Klien, Kaeleen Boden, Peter Lee, and Chris (Members of University of X) Gina Ferris, Endri Kerci, and Hannah Beers (Community Leaders) First Presenter: Hannah Beers (Community Leader) Topic: Relationship to Community Hannah expressed that she felt the university should make sure it does not take liberties from the community. She added that a focal point should be to build a string, lasting relationship between the university and surrounding community. She also felt a need to address the traffic situation by emphasizing the usage of public transportation by members of the university. Hannah felt that some potential areas of conflict would be a possible increase in the crime in the community and the congestion of the traffic grid as a cause of the university. Likewise, she felt that the university might cause a strain in the amount of water, sewage, etc. used as well as the usage of the fire department. Hannah thought that at first the university would be able to pay the city for all services, but that as university population increased, the university would begin to develop its own police force, etc. Hannah felt that the positives that the university would bring to the community were a population increase, possibly stimulating the local economy. Moreover, she felt
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