Notes from Meeting at University of X

Notes from Meeting at University of X - Notes from Meeting...

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Notes from Meeting at University of X re: Faculty Leadership Policy Briefs Thursday, February 12, 2009 Attending: About 10-15 senior administrators, members of faculty leadership, and members of the Board of Trustees from University of X First Presenter: Hannah Beers (Faculty Leadership) Topic: Commitment to Teaching Hannah discussed what role she felt the faculty should play at University of X. She felt the faculty should have responsibilities outside the classroom such as advising, research, and leadership roles in extracurricular activities. Hannah expressed that she believes the faculty should interview prospective students, giving them an overview of courses and more direction. She felt one negative of this plan could be dealing with prospective students who are undecided in pursuing any particular major of interest. Hannah also felt that teachers should offer public e-mails and office hours. Hannah felt that the faculty should have leadership roles in clubs. She felt that a positive of this would be that the faculty would get a better understanding of their students outside the classroom. She felt a possible negative effect would be bias towards certain students, and she felt that this bias would be hard to control. Lastly, Hannah feels that the faculty should be active in research. She thinks a positive effect of this is more devoted faculty alongside more involved students. She feels a negative effect is that teachers will spend less time in the classroom and give less attention to teaching. Second Presenter: Kaeleen Boden (Faculty Leadership) Topic: Admission Standards and Policies Kaeleen feels that our university should strive to accept a wide range of students in an effort to create a diverse community on campus. She also feels it would be most
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Notes from Meeting at University of X - Notes from Meeting...

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